How to install POCO C++ libraries on Windows with Visual studio 2015

1.  Download Poco Libraries  ( )

2. Extract(eg: extract to C:poco-1.6.1)

2-1. if you are choices  included openssl version
please openssl install on your windows  before next step.

3. Find appropriate solution file and build.

build_vs71.cmd ==> Visual Studio .NET 2003

build_vs80.cmd ==> Visual Studio 2005

build_vs90.cmd ==> Visual Studio 2008

build_vs100.cmd ==> Visual Studio 2010

build_vs110.cmd ==> Visual Studio 2012

build_vs120.cmd ==> Visual Studio 2013

build_vs130.cmd ==> Visual Studio 2014
( if not exist file..  make it..


@echo off if defined VS140COMNTOOLS ( call “%VS140COMNTOOLS%vsvars32.bat”) buildwin 140 build all both Win32 samples


For more info about visual studio versions

For example, if you want to use poco lib in Visual Studio 2005 Project, you need to build with build_vs80.cmd.Once you have built successfully, you can see all poco static lib in {POCO Folder}lib. (eg: C:poco-1.6.1lib)

4. Create new project in visual studio and add header path to Project->Properties->C/C++-> Additional Include Directories(eg: If you want to use     POCO Foundation, add “C:poco-1.6.1Foundationinclude”)
ex. 스크린샷 2015-08-27 오전 11.40.15

5. Add POCO lib path to Project->Properties-> Linker-> General-> Additional Library Directories. (eg: C:poco-1.6.1lib)

6. Add POCO lib files names to Project->Properties->Linker->Input-> Additional Dependencies (eg: PocoNetd.lib )

Now you can start using POCO libraries in your project.


if your windows is win64, copy all dll from  “C:poco-1.x.xbin” to “C:WindowsSysWOW64”




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  1. I do follow you. All project build ok except Project Crypto and Net_OpenSSL. What’s wrong?