Bugzilla install 할때 Perl DateTime::TimeZone가 설치 안될때.

Perl DateTime::TimeZone 가 죽어도 설치 안될때 해결 방법


I was having the same problem when upgrading. The DateTime::TimeZone module appeared to be installed but the Bugzilla checksetup.pl script always reported that it was not found. The following fixed the problem for me (run from the Bugzilla install dir):

$ perl install-module.pl Params::Util
$ perl install-module.pl Module::Runtime

I found this by writing a two line perl script to simulate the check done by Bugzilla:

use lib qw(. lib);
use DateTime::TimeZone;

and then running it to see the errors:

perl /tmp/foo.pl

After installing the above modules the foo.pl script passes and so does Bugzilla checksetup.pl